What are the Governments plans for energy efficiency?

Owners of residential and commercial properties are set for a significant and potentially expensive change coming their way. Currently, the restrictions on letting a property state that it must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of at least an E rating. However, by 2025 this minimum requirement is set to be raised to a C and by 2030, commercial properties must achieve a B.

Why Is This Happening?

The proposed changes are all part of the government’s plan to achieve its net-zero targets by reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiencies across homes.

However, with energy efficiency being such as important factor for tenants, it can be in a landlord’s best interest to focus on energy improvements to attract tenants and increase a property’s profitability.

Residential Property Timeframe

At the moment, landlords must have an EPC in place. Many prospective tenants will be looking for an energy-efficient property for a lower carbon footprint and reduced utility bills. As a result, sharing an EPC is vital for tenants when they’re looking for a property. At present, landlords must ensure their property has a minimum rating of E.

Under the proposed new EPC changes from the government, there will be a change.

From 1st April 2025, all new tenancies in England and Wales will need to have an EPC rating of C or higher. For existing tenancies, landlords must ensure their property is a C or above by 1st April 2028.

Commercial Property Timeframe

Currently, the proposal is in open consultation, so you can have a chance to have a say. But it may be best to start planning as if this is going to happen as energy efficiency continues to be a hot topic.

The current proposal is to have two compliance windows.

Compliance Window 1 – 2025 – 2027
Within this window, all Non-Domestic rented buildings would be required to have a valid EPC. The building owner will need to keep this EPC valid for the duration of the tenancy. This EPC will need to be submitted online to the Private Rented Sector compliance and exceptions database.

At the end of the period, the minimum requirement for an EPC will be a C rating. So by the 1st April 2027, all buildings must either have a valid EPC with a C rating or file an exemption.

Compliance Window 2 – 2028 to 2030
Landlords will be required to present a valid EPC. If the EPC already has a rating of B or above, the property will be compliant. If the property has a rating of less than B, then the landlord will be required to undertake any works necessary in order to achieve an EPC rating of B, or have registered a valid exemption by 1st April 2030.

How can Assessment Hive help?

Assessment Hive can help you become MEES compliant in a number of different ways depending on your needs.  We can have as little or as much involvement as you wish.  Whatever the circumstances, it is best to start preparing from now to avoid any nasty surprises that may occur later.

We can assess your current energy efficiency and energy performance risk across your portfolio and for individual assets.  Once the assessment(s) have been done, we can work with you to improve the rating.  We can create a bespoke risk management plan (“Energy Efficiency Plan”) for your buildings,  a fully costed investment grade proposal and where applicable apply for an exemption.

Once all of the work have be carried out we will provide energy performance reports and all the appropriate certificates for your EPC File.

Energy Consultancy Packages

£25per property
  • Produce EPC (current)
  • Produce EPC (potential)
  • Advice & Recommendations
  • Standard Report
Full Monty
£100per property
  • All points in Premium
  • Fully Costed Energy Efficiency Plan
  • Provide U Value Certificates
  • Comprehensive Guidance
  • Prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rates
  • Site visits are not included
  • If you would like us to apply for an exemption this will incur a further £150 + VAT.
  • We are unable to work or advise on an EPC done by another assessor

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